Konvoy provides a simple,
keg rental pooling system

that is suited to one-way trips, delivers known costs to your business and provides a more sustainable solution.

One-way keg rentals are a short-term, pay-per-fill solution.

We provide kegs for you to clean, fill and distribute. We collect the kegs once they are empty.

How Renting Works

We store and maintain a fleet of tracked, serviced kegs.  We deliver them to your brewery as needed.

You clean, fill and distribute the kegs, all for a fixed fee. No scanning necessary thanks to our proprietary tracking device that tracks the kegs through the supply chain.

We track the kegs and arrange a pickup from venues once they are empty.

Got a taproom?

You can also reuse kegs through your own venue for a reduced fee.

Not sure what's right for you? Learn about keg leasing.

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