Revolutionizing Keg Tracking: Katch Devices at 2024 Pint of Origin

Revolutionizing Keg Tracking: Katch Devices at 2024 Pint of Origin

In preparation for the 2024 Pint of Origin, we've integrated the latest C1 Katch IoT tracking devices into select kegs, adding a new dimension to the festivities in Melbourne.


The new C1 Katch IoT tracking device is compact and fits all keg types. Installation is a breeze,taking less than a minute, and it operates on the cellular network, offering excellent global coverage. The IoT capability seamlessly connects the tracking device to the Konvoy Cloud platform, translating vast data points into clear, actionable insights and allowing asset owners to minimise losses, increase asset turns and manage temperature.


We've deployed 12 Katch tracking devices on kegs from 8 different breweries, including a sample keg from Liberty Brewing.  Check out the attached video to see the keg journey live.

The journey of these kegs is a testament to the circular economy. They were consolidated in Auckland before being loaded onto a cold shipping container for Australia. Traversing through various modes of transportation, including trucks, ships, and trains, these kegs are destined for the taps at the iconic Catfish in Fitzroy.  Even after the festivities, their journey continues as they return to a warehouse for storage, before making their way back to a brewery for refilling.


KonvoyCloud enables the circular economy; allowing asset owners to understand total cycle time and identify areas where dwell time can be improved. This insight allows keg owners to optimize their operations, reducing waste and environmental impact.

Konvoy Cloud Screenshot of Auckland logistics.

May 20, 2024

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April 30, 2024

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