Konvoy expands team as Keg Services rebrands.


Today, Konvoy, the leading keg pooling provider in Australia and New Zealand, is announcing that it will be integrating the acquired business Keg Services under the Konvoy brand, along with a series of appointments and growth for the business.

Konvoy is the leader in keg pooling for the ANZ beverage industry and is disrupting the industry across the region with its smart technology and innovative pooling model to reduce friction behind keg transportation and supply chain, while introducing a more sustainable and environmentally conscious solution.

Konvoy is pleased to announce with its expansion and growth a series of appointments:

● Lincoln Kelly, who was previously General Manager of Keg Services has been promoted to Operations Director for Konvoy Australia & New Zealand, overseeing the keg fleet, logistics and Konvoy Services.

● Nick Becker has been promoted to General Manager, Australia from Sales Director and will be responsible for all Australian customer activities.

● Tom Madams has been promoted to General Manager, New Zealand from Business Development Manager and will be responsible for New Zealand customer activities, based in Auckland.

● Following Tom’s move back to Auckland, Fraser Robertson, will relocate from Sydney to Melbourne to bolster Konvoy’s coverage of customers based in Victoria.

Alongside the appointment news, Konvoy has rebranded its acquired company, Keg Services. The acquisition took place in October 2020 and since then the brand has been operating within Konvoy, but as a separate entity. Today, Konvoy is announcing the new brand launch and full service offering.

Keg Services was founded in 2014 and is the only Australian beverage keg supply, service and repair company. Keg Services prides itself on its investment in specialised keg servicing equipment, quality customer service and extensive staff knowledge. It is a world leader in the specialised repair and maintenance of stainless steel kegs. The services provided perfectly complement Konvoy’s keg pooling and technology service, ensuring a long lifespan for kegs.

The expansion of Konvoy to encapsulate Keg Services provides the Konvoy offering with a keg servicing and sales operation to all keg owners across the region.

Operations Director for Konvoy Australia & New Zealand, Lincoln Kelly comments “Having worked alongside Konvoy since October 2020, we are excited to announce our rebrand to customers. We will continue to grow and improve our keg servicing to maintain our world leading recognition. Our services perfectly complement our pooling business in that we maintain and repair their pooling kegs to ensure they are at optimal condition so the best quality product is delivered from brewery to venues and end customers can be sure that they are getting the best beverage.

Adam Trippe-Smith, Managing Director and Founder of Konvoy, adds “I am incredibly proud to announce a series of new appointments, which run alongside considerable growth plans for the Konvoy business. The rebrand to bring Keg Services under the Konvoy brand is very important. The acquisition of Keg Services was a no brainer for us. It is the leader in its specialism and the services it provides optimise our keg pooling model perfectly. Working with Lincoln has enhanced our business to no end. We are excited to continue to expand and grow and will be launching internationally later in 2022, backed by a fantastic business that understands that trust and customer relationships are the core of what we do and provides unmatched services to our customers. We thank our existing customers for their continued support as we continue to disrupt the keg industry one stainless steel keg at a time.”

About Konvoy

Formed in 2019, Konvoy is the leader in keg pooling across ANZ, disrupting the beverage and hospitality industry with its smart IoT technology and innovative model to reduce friction in the keg transportation process, from brewery to venue and back again.

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