Brewpointand Konvoy have joined forces to introduce Iot keg fleet across UK and France.

Brewpoint UK and Konvoy have joined forces to introduce Iot keg fleet tracking to continental Europe, seamlessly tracking kegs from the UK to France.

Brewpoint, with nearly200 pubs across the UK and France, is committed to a triple bottom lineapproach, focusing on people and the planet as much as profit.   Withthe help of the Konvoy Cloud, they can learn about their supply chain and thefactors that can affect their beer miles as well as the quality oftheir beer at each venue. 

Konvoy provides real-time location and temperature as kegs move across the English Channel and identifies export opportunities as distribution points are analysed along the supplychain.

"From the outset the Brewpoint task was about location visibility from brewery to bar and backagain. Add temperature and motion-based keg events and we offer even broader capability to help solve millennia old problems of slow, idle, or lost assets right through to the new task of monitoring, reporting and reducing the Scope 3 carbon emissions” said Tom Meakin, Business Development Director at Konvoy.

Full article at The Brewers Journal.

May 20, 2024

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May 8, 2024

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